Jet Fire seals and jackets

Robbins Passive Fire Services can install and maintain Hydrocarbon/Jet Fire seals and enclosures.  These are multi-component systems made up from ceramic and glass cloths and felts, metallic foils, silica areogel insulation and high grade stainless steels. Ceramic blankets have been replaced by body soluble silicate formulations and elastomeric and silicone membrane coatings have been tested and found to be totally innocuous under fire conditions.

The enclosure’s insulation core and jet fire resistant element are totally encapsulated in a tough silicone coated glass cloth giving it exceptional robustness in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Quality Assurance

MCL Unitex manufacture their seal and enclosure systems to strict quality control procedures and practices in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. You can download the MCL Unitex presentation here.

Jetfire Jacket

Our products

  • Single Jettex Skirt Seal System J30

  • Single Firetex Skirt Seal System A0 & H0

  • Double Firetex Skirt Seal System A60 – H120

  • Standard Firetex Pipe Penetration Seal System ‘OBS’ Type

  • Standard Firetex Pipe Penetration Seal System A60 – H120 Bulkhead Onto Insulation

  • Standard Firetex Pipe Penetration Seal A60 – H120 Bulkhead

  • Firetex Bellows Type Penetration Seal

  • Special Firetex Seal End Cap Type

  • Special Firetex Pipe Penetration Seal Square To Round Type

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